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I develop responsive websites, meaning your website will look good on any device, whether it is a computer, mobile or tablet.

A lot of skills I've learned have gone into my own portfolio that you are currently viewing, but in this section, I've posted several projects I've been working on.

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A responsive JavaScript project developed to generate a random shape with a random color in a random location on the screen. Once the shape is clicked, a timer records the length of time taken to click the shape and a new shape appears.

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Reaction Timer

A website developed for Revolution Dance Studio. Offers a JavaScript gallery and a contact form with JavaScript validation.

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Revolution Dance Studio

About Me

My name is Shawn Annis and I am living in Rochester, NY. I am an artist, a photographer, a graphic designer, a web developer, and an all around maker of things. I specialize in web and app design, front end development, user experience, and creating identities and branding.

About Me

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One of the greatest strenghs about being a designer with a Computer Information Systems background is that not only can I handle the graphical aspects of any project, but I can also fully understand, participate and even lead the technical aspects of those same projects.


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If you have a project you would like to hire me to work on or if you have something we could collaborate on, please feel free to get in touch. If you just want to say hello or give any feedback please feel free to contact me. I welcome all positive or negative feedback, and hate mail.